Virto-Cuccolini’s new complete SHT range for spirulina collection

SHT – Spirulina Harvesting Technology is the new Virto-Cuccolini line for the collection of spirulina.

Developed over the last 24 months together with spirulina producers from various parts of the world, the new Virto-Cuccolini SHT line is designed to meet all the needs of those who have to collect spirulina from small to large flowrates, with single systems or integrated with cultivation water recirculation solutions.




Three VLB vibrating screens are available in 3 different stand-alone sizes: 800 (small productions), 1200 (intermediate productions) and 1500 (large productions).

The flowrates, within these categories, may vary based on the desired cutting point: for an evaluation, Virto-Cuccolini is at your complete disposal.

VLB 1200




The complete station is based on a 1200 size screen and includes both the suction pump of the product to be screened and the one for the recirculation of the cultivation water.

The systems of the SHT line are available in Aisi 304 stainless steel for fresh water and Aisi 316 for water with higher salt content.

To contact the Virto-Cuccolini staff and ask for more information on the new SHT – Spirulina Harvesting Technology line, you can use the form below, specifying your request!

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