Virto-Cuccolini’s achievements during the Covid19 emergency

Looking back at the last six months, Virto-Cuccolini’s team could reach important results even during such challenging times like the Covid19 emergency.

Despite the closing of our production activities for three weeks and a limitation for a further three weeks following Government Decrees in Italy, our thoughts were focused on maintaining stability and development in our business.

Therefore, all Company’s Departments reorganized their work to maintain the original schedule, with the result that we were also able to speed up our program!

And here are our achievements:

– enhancement of our pneumatic conveying series with the designing of one new model (currently under testing)

– completion of the VP1 size 1200 project, with the first machine delivered in August 2020

– technical improvements to our VTU tumblers and VPF pharmaceutical sieving equipment range

– creation of a new brand and catalogue for our ceramic machinery range (here our new dedicated website)

– testing of new applications in our lab

– improvement of our production planning, with a general average reduction of 2 weeks lead-time

All this was achieved while we were putting in place and maintaining all necessary health and safety rules decided by the Italian Government.

As we learned during this extraordinary situation, remaining focused on our business even during such unforeseeable circumstances was key to keep the business going and fruitful. Being forced to work at a distance also contributed to enhancing our teamwork and sense of belonging to a common project.

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