Virto-Cuccolini in the recycling process of worn tires

Circular economy helps us to reconsider the worth of components that a waste object can be made of.

This is the case of ELTs – End-of-Life Tires. The tires that our cars are equipped with are in fact composed of cutting-edge materials, that is very high quality polymers with chemical-physical characteristics that must remain unaltered and withstand the stresses to which each tire is subjected while driving.

Thus, the tire can reach its end of life, while the rubber it is made of preserves inside materials that are completely recyclable and reusable in other forms and for other uses.

After two typical crushing passages, the tire remains are reduced to fine particles in order to easily separate rubber, steel and textile fibers that made them up. A further treatment produces the granule and the powder, which must be separated according to the granulometry in order to be destined for the production of new objects.

In both these steps, for example, our range of C-Line vibrating sieves comes into play, thanks to which it is possible to classify the product into granulate (typically 0.8-20 mm) and powder (<0.8 mm).

Here a short video of a test performed with the product we received from a customer:



In this case too, Virto-Cuccolini is pleased to contribute to circular economy through sieving systems capable of separating a recyclable product and giving it new life.

CUCCOLINI is always unique and original.

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