Virto-Cuccolini sieving systems contribute to petfood quality

Our pets love quality food: good-tasting and also of optimal size to be nibbled and swallowed with no risk.

In the case that we have recently dealt with, the objective of sieving process was to obtain same size dogs croquettes, eliminating on one side coarse particles, and on the other side, fragments that broke during the production process, plus residual dust.

In this way, the final product – in this 2-stage classification process it is the intermediate one – turned out to be between 4.5 and 10 mm: practically, the perfect size for our four-legged friends’ mouths!

The most suitable sieve, in this case, was Virto-Cuccolini T-Line tumbler, which separates the product by classifying it according to the desired dimensions, with a controlled movement capable of protecting the croquettes from breakage during the process.

We can see our T-Line in action in this video, which we shot during tests in our laboratory:

Are you looking for a suitable sieve to separate a dry and fragile product? Contact us, we can evaluate the best solution with you!

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