Virto-Cuccolini’s sieving equipment suitable for insects based applications

Interest is gathering around insects as the food of the future.

Probably many consumers ignore that insects are already used in various industrial applications within food and animal feed industries.

Virto-Cuccolini had the opportunity to support these industries during recent years by supplying sieving equipment for different applications, such as:

  • sieving of cochineal for the production of a red food-grade dyeing agent
  • sieving of milled insects flour for use within animal feed production
  • separation of living larvae from the sawdust they are stored into
In the video here below, you can have a look at the test carried out for this last case, where we had to help our Customer separate larvae from sawdust – of course, without killing the larvae!
So we exploited the rocking movement of our T-Line tumbler with a good result, as you can see:

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