Sieving salt with Virto-Cuccolini’s sieving equipment range

Salt is a commonly used ingredient both in the food and chemical industry.

It also has particular characteristics which require specific attention both in preparing the salt processing machinery and in handling the product during processing.

Salt is a corrosive product. Virto-Cuccolini’s whole sieving equipment range is also available in stainless steel Aisi 316 for corrosive products.

Moreover, salt has a tendency to create lumps due to humidity, since it is a hygroscopic product.

To this extent, we recommend protecting the sieve from receiving big lumps of product, since they may ruin and break the sieving mesh, which is rather engineered to be elastic and therefore relatively thin.

If you would like to discover the salt sieving process by Virto-Cuccolini, here is one test recently performed to check the ability of our VP2 sieve to intercept plastic stripes.

Plastic stripes, as well as any foreign particles with bigger dimensions than the typical product particles, may derive from the opening of the product bags and of course, don’t belong to the next processing step. Here is how we are able to remove them:

Are you using salt within your production and are you looking to intercept foreign particles from the main, valuable product? Contact us by using the form here below and you’ll receive our proposed sieving solution!

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