Safety sieving of pulverized coal by Virto-Cuccolini VPM range

Pulverized coal (also known as powdered coal or PF – Pulverized Fuel) is typically used in power generating stations or cement kilns to optimize the burning process.

Pulverized coal is usually pneumatically conveyed into a bin and further to a weighing and distributing system, to be finally injected in the blast furnace.

The fine coal powder has the advantage that it is sufficiently surrounded by air to burn easily and release the heat. In this way, the combustion process is made efficient.

However, some foreign particles like plastic, greater coal lumps, and other solids, may enter the process if not intercepted beforehand and stop the pneumatic conveying of pulverized coal.

This is why one Customer from Asia decided to choose Virto-Cuccolini’s VPM vibrating sieves size 1500 to carry out a safety sieving before entering pulverized coal into the pneumatic conveying line.

Thanks to the inclusion of our C-Line series vibrating sieves, the conveying process will be fluid and bring powdered coal seamlessly into the furnace.


You can see the 2 units delivered in August 2020, ready for dispatch at our premises in Reggio Emilia.


Virto-Cuccolini’s sieving equipment range covers many different solutions for safety sieving, depending on the expected quantity of oversize product and general flowrate.

Is your production process in need of safety sieving to improve the quality of your product or to avoid foreign particles to enter your production line? We have for sure the right solution for you! Contact us by using below form to learn more!

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