Spices and dried fruits dedusting with Virto-Cuccolini

Improving the quality of food ingredients is quite a challenging task for any food manufacturing Company worldwide.

Spices and dries fruits are frequently used in all countries to improve a product’s taste, and within some specific production processes, it is necessary to keep the grain as a whole to obtain a quality product. Therefore, ingredients’ fines need to be eliminated before entering spices and dried fruits into the process.

For this reason, a meat specialities producer asked Virto-Cuccolini to supply a C-Line vibrating sieve to eliminate pepper grains’ and pistachio nuts’ fines.

In below video, you can watch our test and see how our C-Line performed:

This particular sieving application involves “dedusting” – actually, separating a main ingredient with coarse particles from finer powder or dust.

Technically speaking, in dedusting applications, most of the product remains above the selected cut point (depeding on mesh aperture) and just a small part falls through the mesh. In other words, oversize product here is in a higher volume than the undersize fraction.

Are you thinking of improving your food ingredients to obtain better quality food? You can contact us and test Virto-Cuccolini performance!

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