Virto-Cuccolini: A simple solution to recover metal powders for 3D printing

Is total automation really responding to the daily needs of its users? In the constant dialogue with our customer base, divergent positions concerning this topic are emerging.

In the 3D printing market, there are various existing solutions for the recovery of metal powders following the Additive Manufacturing printing process. These technologies have developed with the prospect of becoming increasingly automated.

However, Virto-Cuccolini’s new solution combines ease of use with accurate screening performance for the recycling and reconditioning of metal powders.

In fact, the 3D-500 system covers numerous end users’ daily demands:

A technically complete and ready-to-use unit in its full-optional version: This is a sieving solution, specifically designed for fine powders, with predisposition for inert gas purging and oxygen level sensor; it also includes a mesh cleaning system to prevent mesh clogging and a PLC panel configured to control the sieve’s working logic together with inertising, and eventually data exchange with the rest of the plant;

Easy disassembly for easy cleaning: Opening the machine without tools allows reducing cleaning phases; the quick clamps that hold the unit tight are designed to keep the components’ quality unchanged over time, even when handled daily;

Simple maintenance, also thanks to the constant support of the Virto-Cuccolini Aftermarket Division

– The vibrating sieve unit can be offered with flexible sleeves and collection containers -bins- for product handling, according to customer needs; it’s also possible to customize inlet and outlet connections to suit any AM configuration requirement.

As a new type of Additive Manufacturing process, 3D printing with metal powders is currently in full development, and Virto-Cuccolini is pleased to support customers who intend to reclaim their metal powder batches, carrying out their recovery through fine vibrating sieving. Our system, also designed to reduce operational costs, helps preserving the quality of these precious raw materials, essential for the AM industry supply chains.


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