Quality food ingredients thanks to Virto-Cuccolini sieving equipment

In the production of food ingredients, Virto-Cuccolini industrial sieves are the best support to increase the quality of the products by exploiting the principle of selection by grain size.

Some examples:

  • in the dedusting of spices and dried fruit, to eliminate product fragments
  • in the collection of microalgae such as spirulina or chlorella, through a superfine sieving (equal to or less than 15 µm)
  • in the production of wheat starch, to separate the liquid portion of the hydrated flour
  • in the production of tartaric acid, to classify the product and thus identify the most suitable particle size for different uses
  • in the production of grain or hazelnut paste, through the classification of the various product grain sizes after grinding
  • in the production of milk powder and whey, to check its safety and quality level

Here is a rundown of our experiences:

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