Egg white safety sieving with Virto-Cuccolini VP2 circular vibrating sieve

Are you a fan of macarons – as we at Virto-Cuccolini mostly are?

If so, you should know that egg white plays an important role within the consistency of the macaron – when foamed and then cooked, it creates a light, delicious body, which fills your mouth with sweetness and flavor.

Egg white is mostly sold as a food ingredient in powder nowadays, which makes it easier to handle and can also be even more easily incorporated into the dough.

We happened to test egg white powder for safety sieving with our VP2 C-Line circular vibrating sieve. We initially thought that this type of powder would not be that easy to sieve, due to its tendency to agglomerate. On the contrary, we were pleased to discover that our vibrating sieving technology can handle this task quite well, as you can see from below video shot in our lab:

Thanks to safety sieving, we are able not just to separate foreign bodies that may enter your product in bulk, but also to improve the fineness of your ingredients and the texture of your final product by removing lumps.

Would you like to check whether your food ingredients can be sieved before use? You can contact us by using below form, you will be contacted back from us at soonest!

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