Corn flour sieving at 0.7 mm with Virto-Cuccolini’s C-Line VPM sieve

Corn flour is a well-known cooking ingredient in any food culture.

Obtained from corn grains milling, it is typically granular and irregular in particle shape.

Using it in specific recipes requires the flour to have a related particle size so that the flour results homogeneous both in its texture and its sticking feature and is suitable to its application.

The aim of the test we were required to carry out recently is to separate corn flour at 0.7 mm.

For this application, we selected our VPM sieves family within our C-Line range, as you can see in below video:

Are you looking for a convenient system to separate your corn flour at a required particle size? You can contact us through the below form and we’ll be happy to indicate you the most suitable solution from our Virto-Cuccolini’s range!

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