Sieving coated sugar at 430 µm by Virto-Cuccolini’s C-Line range

Like many other popular food ingredients, sugar has some sieving needs too.

Safety sieving of sugar is removing from the main product all those foreign particles (plastic parts, metal parts, insects, paper parts, etc.) to grant a safe product.

You can see a quick demonstration of safety sieving of sugar in the below video:

Sugar may have some separation needs too.

In the case shown by below video, we are separating coated sugar at 430 µm to ensure that the product is free from bigger particles and can improve its flowability and texture:

In both cases, Virto-Cuccolini’s C-Line range of sieving equipment comes into play, ensuring the right separation result.

In the first case, we applied a VP2 unit, which is specifically studied for safety sieving.

In the second case, we applied a VPM unit, which is generally used for separating purpose.

The rich range of sieving equipment by Virto-Cuccolini is giving any industrial business – in food and any other sector – the chance to improve its production result by applying the right machine for the right application.

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