Virto-Cuccolini vibrating sieves, an alternative to filtration for multi-sector applications

Virto-Cuccolini vibrating screens: filtration as a versatile solution for multi-sector applications


Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating sieves are emerging as a transformative influence in a constantly shifting industrial panorama. Clearly showing a significant versatility beyond their traditional role in separating solids and powders, the vibrating screens also offer advanced solutions for the filtration of liquids in different industrial sectors.

Virto-Cuccolini’s sieving equipment has set a new standard in liquid filtration. Their ability to efficiently handle liquid filtration has elevated their status within the industry. Their utility extends beyond solid particle separation, to include essential roles in the treatment scheme of industrial waters and process fluids.

Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating screens proficiency in filtering solid particles is supported by recent tests which confirm their ability to filter particles below 100 microns, delivering high performance levels without necessitating pre-filtration steps that could otherwise lead to system overload.

Application tests were performed in the agricultural biomass sector for digestate filtration in fertilizers and biogas derivate production; in the alcoholic beverage sector, and also in the produce food production, as a measure to treat waste fluids derived from manufacturing processes. The goal is to minimize wastewater treatment and disposal costs and, where feasible, recycle the filtered liquid back into production lines.

With the range of Virto-Cuccolini vibrating screens for liquid filtration, the company stands as an ideal partner for technological innovation. The company’s know-how spans solid and liquid sieving solutions, focusing on addressing sector-specific challenges. This expertise, combined with a commitment to economic and environmental sustainability, makes Virto-Cuccolini a strategic partner for many clients that need support in enhancing their production processes.

If you need to purify a liquid before water treatment or extract a suspended solid from your product, contact us by filling the form below. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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    Circular economy helps us to reconsider the worth of components that a waste object can be made of.

    This is the case of ELTs – End-of-Life Tires. The tires that our cars are equipped with are in fact composed of cutting-edge materials, that is very high quality polymers with chemical-physical characteristics that must remain unaltered and withstand the stresses to which each tire is subjected while driving.

    Thus, the tire can reach its end of life, while the rubber it is made of preserves inside materials that are completely recyclable and reusable in other forms and for other uses.

    After two typical crushing passages, the tire remains are reduced to fine particles in order to easily separate rubber, steel and textile fibers that made them up. A further treatment produces the granule and the powder, which must be separated according to the granulometry in order to be destined for the production of new objects.

    In both these steps, for example, our range of C-Line vibrating sieves comes into play, thanks to which it is possible to classify the product into granulate (typically 0.8-20 mm) and powder (<0.8 mm).

    Here a short video of a test performed with the product we received from a customer:



    In this case too, Virto-Cuccolini is pleased to contribute to circular economy through sieving systems capable of separating a recyclable product and giving it new life.

    CUCCOLINI is always unique and original.

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      As we could observe in this article, the reuse of natural or artificial resources is at the center of circular economy.

      Within the context of this wide and multi-faceted topic, the applications offered by the complete range of Virto-Cuccolini vibrating screens allow not only to separate particles of material that can be reused within other production processes, as a new product or ingredient; but also to free the industrial processing water from coarse particles and so to carry out a first filtration.

      This is the case of our water separation application within PET recycling process.

      After collection and selection of bottles by types and / or colors, typically the plastic is ground into particles greater than 0.5 mm. After the grinding process, the particles are washed to eliminate residues drinks, glue and labels.

      This is where our VLM liquid vibrating sieve comes into action; specifically set for this application, it separates PET particles from their washing water, which will then be reused for the next washing cycle.


      In this way, Virto-Cuccolini contributes not only to the recycling of PET, but also to avoid wasting the water used for the recycling process itself.

      CUCCOLINI is always unique and original.

      You can receive our free consultation to select the type of screen that best suits your production needs by contacting us

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        Circular economy is our future and we need to rethink production cycles, integrating them or improving them, where possible, to reach ZERO WASTE goal within a few years.

        Among circular economy’s principles, there is that of eliminating any type of waste, waste and consequently pollution.

        Sieving waste materials to identify new raw materials is one of the most common practical actions among those companies that want to activate a circular economy in their production cycle.

        Where special care is required in separating particles according to their different sizes, VIRTO-CUCCOLINI’s X-Line multi-frequency screening systems can really make the difference.

        In our recent history we have provided some of our customers with X-Line multi-frequency screens capable of recovering value from waste, for example:

        • Classifying limestone particles between 2.2 and 0.8 mm to obtain a new ingredient for animal feed (Great Britain)
        • Separating quartz sand particles smaller than 1 mm to create a finer product and therefore more suitable for glass industry production challenges (Italy)
        • Screening particles up to 7 µm in size to obtain metal powder based products recovered rom metal working processes and thus improve the performance of additive manufacturing (various countries)
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        The possibilities of separating particles according to their size are varied and infinite in every type of production. We at VIRTO-CUCCOLINI are proud to be able to contribute, through our sieving systems, to a new economy for our planet.


        VIRTO changes the screening game.


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          Raw materials recirculation within food production cycles is increasingly becoming a good practice to which Virto-Cuccolini is happy to participate.

          In the case of chocolate bars production, for example, many producers are recovering waste product – bars broken during their production cycle or with aesthetic defects – by passing it through a melter. The product at the melter outlet finally needs to be sieved in order to remove not perfectly melted lumps or any residues of other ingredients.

          It is at this stage that the Virto-Cuccolini vibrating screens of the C-Line series come into play, by allowing this operation to be performed easily and quickly, either by installing a fixed vibrating sieve at the melter outlet, or by using the sieve when necessary within a batch cycle, and therefore, installing it on wheels.

          In this way, liquid chocolate can be reintroduced within the production cycle safely and without altering the quality of the final product in any way.

          Are you interested in sieving a liquid product? Contact us, we can check together our best solution for your case!

          CUCCOLINI is always unique and original.


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