Safety sieving of calcium carbonate by Virto-Cuccolini

Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound (CaCO3) and is applied in different industrial sectors for its versatile properties as aggregating, purifying, filling, absorbing, scrubbing and whiting agent.

Within our long-time experience with industrial sieving applications, Virto-Cuccolini encountered many different sieving requirements around calcium carbonate. It can be applied in food, animal feed, construction, chemical sectors – and still, this list may not be complete!

In below video, a sieving test carried out in our test lab in Reggio Emilia, Italy, shows how the safety sieving application works. As you can read in our “Why Sieving?” educational page, safety sieving separates coarse particles from the main product volume, so that the product is safe from contaminants and can flow to the next production phase with no concerns.

Safety sieving can be applied to a wide range of different powder products – typically flour, sugar and any other primary raw material – before entering the next production step.

Within our extensive range of vibrating sieves going under the C-Line sieves range, VP2 and VP1 sieves are dedicated product families for safety sieving. The video shows a VP2 sieve, equipped with two side motors.

Are you looking for a safety sieve for calcium carbonate or any other powder product? Contact us by using the below form, and we’ll be happy to help!

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