Spirulina harvesting challenges addressed by Virto-Cuccolini SHT range

As it has been possible to observe with more than 30 active installations worldwide, Virto-Cuccolini Spirulina Harvesting Range (SHT) is supporting final product’s quality in many ways.

The performance of SHT range is based on proven results which can be summed up as following:

– Spirulina cells’ integrity after sieving: Virto-Cuccolini’s vibrating sieving equipment has great care of the product particles, which proved to remain whole after passing through the sieving process and therefore keeping nutrients content unchanged, versus other harvesting methods available in the market

– Harvesting efficiency: our harvesting range typically covers from 30 down to 7 µm (end of harvesting campaign); moreover, the specific construction shape of our sieves is guaranteeing a high efficiency of the system (harvests are 15-30% higher than other types of vibrating sieves), thanks to the effective vibration of our sieving section

In addition to the above, while spirulina cultivation is getting great amounts of attention, it is fundamental to keep in mind that harvesting efficiency, and therefore product quality, can be properly obtained in combination with a processing time that is proportioned to the need of fine sieving spirulina cells. This is a fact within any mechanical sieving process in any context.

To check the above points, Virto-Cuccolini is available to make small renting units available for testing the process and checking the difference.

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    At Algaeurope 2022, International Congress held in Rome on Dec 13th to 15th, Virto-Cuccolini, in partnership with Liqoflux, Dutch plant engineering firm with great experience in the algae and microalgae sector, promoted the new range Spirulina Harvesting Technology (SHT), a cost-effective and safe solution for small and large Spirulina culture volumes. You can see a few pictures of the venue below:


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