Hydrated flour wash-out with Virto-Cuccolini in wheat starch production

Solid-liquid separation is a quite frequently handled task by Virto-Cuccolini vibrating sieves across different industries.

In the context of wheat starch production, the solid-liquid separation process can be found both in food and in paper industry.

Tenderness, crunchiness and shape of bread, for example, depend on starch.

In paper production, starch is used as binder and stiffener.

Starch-based glucose is employed in the production of medicines and sweets.

Wheat starch is a native starch made from hydrated flour; once the flour has been mixed with water, the gluten matrix forms and the starch can be washed out, as we can see in this video. Sieving here is performed by our C-Line VLM series:

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